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何超栋     Chaodong He


At  Dashiwei hollow-land , Leye county, Bose, Guangxi, China          Jan.17th. 2009



I am currently a postdoc of Computer Science working on behalf of BASICS.


I received my Doctoral Degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2011.  Professor Yuxi Fu is my supervisor.  Professor Pierre-Louis Curien was invited to take the chair of the committee of my dissertation defense.  I was honoured the title of ‘The Outstanding Student of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’ for excellent performance on mathematics and physics when I was an undergraduate student.


My research interests mostly lie in process calculi, including the observational theory of processes,  the axiomatization of equivalences on processes,  the theory of relative expressiveness, and the studies on decidability and complexity of various verification problems.  My interests also extend to automata, computational complexity, algorithmic number theory, and combinatorial game theory.  


I participated as a key member in project NSFC 60573002, NSFC 60873034, and NSFC 61033002.





·                     Address:
        BASICS, Department of Computer Science
        Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
        No.800, Road Dongchuan
        Shanghai 200240
        P. R. China

·                     Telephone:
        +86 (21) 3420-5060

·                     Email:



·                     PhD.       Computer Science
        BASICS, Department of Computer Science
        Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

·                     M.S.        Computer Science
        East China Institute of Computer Technology

·                     B.S. Computer Science
        Department of Computer Science
        Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Selected Papers

·                     Chaodong He.   Research on Fundamental Problems of CCS.  PhD thesis.    (pdf,  Only Chinese version with English abstract and bibliography is available, the English version is under translating.)

·                     Chaodong He.  The Decidability of the Reachability Problem for CCS!,  In CONCUR 2011.  LNCS, vol. 6901, pp. 373-388 (2012)  (pdf,  updated on March 12th, 2012)

·                     Chaodong He, Yuxi Fu, Hongfei Fu.  Decidability of Behavioral Equivalences in Process Calculi with Name Scoping,  In FSEN 2011.  LNCS, vol. 7141, pp. 284-298 (2012)  (pdf,  updated on March 6th, 2012)

·                     Chaodong He.   Model Independent Order Relations for Processes.  In APLAS 2010.  LNCS, vol. 6461, pp. 408-423 (2010)  (pdf,  updated on September 4th, 2010)



Miscellaneous Links

       I have been a Contract Bridge player for eleven years.  As a student representative, I have been invited to play bridge with national leaders several times.  I like to study squeeze positions in my leisure time.  Here are some related links which are not in the mainstream:

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