Things your should know...

  • Students in the lab do NOT necessarily perform the theoretical research.
  • Hence, candidates do NOT necessarily have theoretical background.
  • On the contrary, we welcome candidates who have different backgrounds, e.g. physics, engineering, etc. and good programming skills.
  • The way to supervise students...

  • We will not assign heavy project tasks to students.
  • We aim to give each student a brief view of researches at least, especially if you will not continue persuing education as a PhD. candidate.
  • We have close research cooperations overseas, so more than half students have a chance to study overseas (Japan, France, UK, Australia, etc.) for at least half a year. (Others refuse to do so..)
  • Due to different aim of students (working, continuing education in SJTU, continuing education overseas), we will design different research plans and schedules and assign different supervisors (supervisors in SJTU, supervisors overseas, industrial supervisors, etc.).
  • We require you...

    Ambitious, with clear future plan, smart, cooperative, fond of learning, good English skills.

    Current researches...

  • For the most students, maybe the research you are interested in is the big data and machine learning. We have cooperation project with CSIRO and UNSW in medical big data analytics and machine learning. The students who choose this research are supervised by the experts overseas, and have chance to study in Australia for 0.5-1 year.
  • Another main topic is concurrent programming theory and verification techniques, covering both theory and application, which attracts those who are interested in programming languages.The research is cooperated with on of the best language group that locates in University of Oxford.
  • We also have a research group on security of blockchain,
  • and a large group on quantum computing and quantum language.

  • Guoqiang Li
    Last modified: Thuresday, Apr. 6, 2017.