Doctoral students

Jingyang LI, Minyu CHEN, Lianyi WU, Ruibang LIU

Master students


Saharat Saengsawang
MEM: Xiang ZHOU, Kun LIU, Yingzheng LUO, Qun XIONG, Yijia YAO

[3rd year]

[2nd year]

Hao CHEN, Junyong CHEN, Yao LI, Yuxin SU
MEM: Junnan CHENG, Xiaopeng JIA, junjie QIAN, Jianli WEI, Yibin XUE, Huiyang ZHENG

[1st year]

Feng JI, Chen LING, Linyang WANG, Haoyu WEI, Weijie WU, Wentai YANG
MEM: Danni HUANG, Chao WU, Junying XU, Congcong ZHAN, Tao ZHANG, Huadun ZENG

Undergraduate students

Sijia GUO


2021-2025 | 2016-2020 | 2011-2015


Hong LIU, MEM, graduated in 2024. Thesis: Research on the Implementation Schedule of L Company's Software Project Based on Cloud Architechure Deployment

Lianyi WU, graduated in 2023. Thesis: Design and Implementation of Semantic Query System for Book Literature Based on Knowledge Graph
Zhiwen WU, graduated in 2023. Thesis: The Design and Implementation of an Incremental Algorithm for SMT Solver
Jifan XIONG, graduated in 2023. Thesis: Design and Implementation of Knowledge-Based Compression and Query Engine
Yin ZHAO, graduated in 2023. Thesis: Verification Method of Concurrency-Aware Linearizability for Concurrent Programs
Fenchao SHEN, MEM, graduated in 2023. Thesis: Optimization of Schedule Management for G Mobile Game Projects Based on LEAN and SCRUM

Yihang CHEN, graduated in 2022. Thesis: Design and Implementation of English Multiple Choice Question Generation System Based on Natural Language Understanding
Yuan HANG, graduated in 2022. Thesis: A pruning Algorithm for Social Network Influence Maximization Problem Based on Random Graph
Qunhao SHA, graduated in 2022. Thesis: A Model Checking Algorithm on Knowledge Graphs under Label Constraints
Chun TAN, graduated in 2022. Thesis: Generating Screenplays Based on Natural Language Understanding
Yonghong CHEN, MEM, graduated in 2022. Thesis: Research on Bank Software Project Quality Management Based on CMMI

Minyu CHEN, graduated in 2021. Thesis: Complex Question Generation on Knowledge Graphs Based on Deep Neural Network and Enhanced Text Fusion
Yikang LUO, graduated in 2021. Thesis: Automated Scoring System for Chinese Essay Based on BERT Model
Zhenwen MA, graduated in 2021. Thesis: Prediction of the Results of the Initial Public Offering Review on the Science and Technology Innovation Board Based on Legal Knowledge Reasoning
Jinhao TAN, graduated in 2021. Thesis: Verification of Asynchronously Communicating Programs Based on Basic Parallel Processes
Lvbo ZHONG, graduated in 2021. Thesis: Design and Implementation of Clinical Diagnosis Supportive System for Congenital Heart Disease Based on Machine Learning
Jialing HUANG, MEM, graduated in 2021. Thesis: Optimation of Software Testing Process Based on BPI and Enterprise Modeling


Rujiang DING, graduated in 2020. Thesis: Design and Implementation of Computer Aided Diagnosis System Based on Satisfiability Problem Solving
Min GAO, graduated in 2020. Thesis: Design and Application of Feature-Based Medical Synonyms Algorithm
Jingyang LI, graduated in 2020. Thesis: Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Extraction for Chinese Medical Documents
Jin LUO, graduated in 2020. Thesis: Nasdaq Constituents Price Prediction Based on LSTM Networks and a New Performance Indicator
Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan, graduated in 2020. Thesis: Data Provenance Based System for Classification and Linear Regression in Distributed Machine Learning

Yun GUO, graduate in 2019. Thesis: Examine Manipulated Datasets with Topological Data Analysis
Congcong YE, graduated in 2019. Thesis: Research on Blockchain Safety Detection and Consensus Algorithm for Agricultural Product Quality Traceability
Yuwei WANG, graduated in 2019. Thesis: Nested Timed Automata, Revisited

Chunmiao LI, graduated in 2018. Thesis: On Lowerbounds of VAS-Like Models

Bingbing FANG, graduated in 2017. Thesis: Schedulability Analysis of Timed Regular Tasks Automata
Li LIU, graduated in 2017. Thesis: The Coverability Problem of Asynchronous Multi-Process Timed Automata
Yunqing WEN, graduated in 2017. Thesis: Time-Sensitive Pushdown Automata

Suhua LEI, graduated in 2016. Thesis: The Termination and Boundedness Problems of Well-Structured Pushdown Systems
Yanlong LI, graduated in 2016. Thesis: Hierarchical Data Visualization and Visual Comparison


Lichao WANG, graduated in 2015. Thesis: Constructing Format-Preserving Printing from Syntax-Directed Definition

Yan LI, graduated in 2014. Thesis: Study and Implementation of Reachability Algorithm on Updatable Timed Automata
Xinglong TAN, graduated in 2014. Thesis: Coverability Algorithm for Well-Structured Pushdown System

Jingying WENG, graduated in 2012. Thesis: Design and Implementation of Algorithms for Checking Bisimilarity

Chen CHU, graduated in 2011. Thesis: The Algorithm and Implementation of Automatic E-Unifier Generator
Fei YU, graduated in 2011. Thesis: Schedulability Analysis of Multi-Processor Real-Time Systems Using UPPAAL
Huaiyang ZHOU graduated in 2011, Thesis: Schedulability Modelling and Analysis on Multi-Core Systems

Guoqiang Li
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