BASICS 2009 International Workshop on Computation and Interaction

The BASICS 2009 International Workshop on Computation and Interaction focuses on the expressiveness of process calculi, with an emphasis on the integrated approach to computation and interaction. The speeches will cover some of the main topics in the theory of equivalence, the different approaches in the theory of expressiveness, the expressive completeness of the interaction model, and some related issues. The main purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers and students to report their on-going research works and to discuss the next step research issues in the theory of process calculus.

BASICS 2009 has invited some leading researchers in the field. The speakers include Yuxin Deng, Yuxi Fu, Rob van Glabbeek, Daniele Gorla, Matthew Hennessy, Uwe Nestmann, Catuscia Palamidessi, Davide Sangiorgi. Their speeches will cover the following issues:

  • Characterisations of probabilistic bisimulation
  • Expressive Completeness
  • Comparative Semantics
  • Relative Expressiveness
  • Testing nondeterministic and probabilistic processes
  • Encodings into Asynchronous pi
  • On the Expressiveness Power of Synchronization Primitives in π
  • Bisimulation and Coinduction

The attendants will have opportunities to report their research work in this workshop. If you are interested in contributing a talk, please send us an application (including the topic and abstract of your talk). Talks based on some published work are welcome. Please make the publication information clear when you send us the application.